Monday, December 12, 2011

Caffeine for headache/migraine relief

Okay so something many people don't know. Caffeine can relieve a headache or migraine. The reason behind this is that many pain reliever medication has caffeine in it.

What is caffeine?
Caffeine is a commonly used drug that increases alertness, decreases fatigue, and improves muscle coordination. Though coffee comes to mind as the most common source of caffeine, it's also naturally found in tea and chocolate, and it is often added to soft drinks and non-prescription drugs like pain-relievers and cold remedies. People vary in their sensitivity to caffeine. If used excessively, caffeine can be too stimulating and cause anxiety, sleep problems, muscle twitching, or abdominal pain.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Luxury sports car pile-up in Japan

TOKYO — A botched lane change led to a spectacular traffic pileup in Japan over the weekend that left a highway strewn with the smashed wreckage of eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and three Mercedes sports cars.
The crash drew international attention not only for its stunning price — the vehicles collectively cost more than $1 million — but also for the rare glimpse of Japan’s superrich, who tend to avoid ostentatious public displays of wealth. Local police officials were quoted as saying that they had never seen so many expensive cars in one place, much less involved in a single accident.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love or Lust (Part 2) Untold Stories

So things are going pretty well...Really well actually. She actually starts opening up to me about some things I never knew about. She tells me the real reason she moved back was, the company she was working for fired her for her medical problems. She wanted to move back here to be closer to her dad so they could start a lawsuit against them for wrongful termination. Now I'm talking to her seeing if its even worth getting a lawyer and suing them. Her dad had his mind set on her finding a lawyer. So that's got her pretty damn stressed, and with her medical issues. Now I never knew she had these problems, no one did. She never wanted to tell anyone (besides her family and doctors). She opens up to me about the medical issues and wants me to start going to the doctors with her, so of course I love this girl so I'm all over it. First doctor we go to was for her scoliosis. She has a 60 degree curve in her spine. For those of you who don't know what that is...Its basically a stretched out "S". So now I'm pretty shocked about that. Something I never knew. So now i start really noticing it. When I would rub her back I would really feel it. When she would lean over, you could actually see the turn sticking out.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Love or Lust (Part 1)

This is a story about this chick that I thought was "the one", whatever that means anymore. For security purposes I'm going to change the names. (I can see this girl somehow finding this and suing the crap out of me). So the story begins when I was about 17 years old, she was 20. I start going to these parties with some buddies..All of a sudden I see this chick show up, now I don't know if it was the beer talking or what but I had to get to know her. So we're playing kings cup and I go out and smoke, and she follows me out there to smoke as well...instantly hit it off, start talking, shes putting her number in my phone and so on. So we go back inside to continue the game, and notice there aren't any seats, so what do I do? Pull her on my lap to sit...and of course she's willing. and then the expected happens with her grabbing my hand, putting it around her. So I'm pretty damn happy at this point. I got this beautiful girl that I instantly start crushing for on my lap. So the flirting continues through the rest of the night. We get to the point where I think we were both pretty drunk.. so I play it off as she spilled beer on my hand.(never happened) so she gets this little cute face and gives my hand a big lick. (and remember this is the first night) So the end of the night comes and I can't leave my buddy hanging so we start walking home, when all of a sudden we see this SUV pull up behind us, so I go up to the window to check it out and see who it is....Its her...she called us stupid for walking in the snow and to get in and she'll give us a ride. Well duh we're gonna get in, or at least I was. Now we're in the car, and neither of us can get a smile off our faces, and once again grabs my hand to hold it. Drops us off at my place, and leaves. As soon as she leaves I get a text... Now we start texting all night. I can't get this girl out of my head at this point.