Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love or Lust (Part 2) Untold Stories

So things are going pretty well...Really well actually. She actually starts opening up to me about some things I never knew about. She tells me the real reason she moved back was, the company she was working for fired her for her medical problems. She wanted to move back here to be closer to her dad so they could start a lawsuit against them for wrongful termination. Now I'm talking to her seeing if its even worth getting a lawyer and suing them. Her dad had his mind set on her finding a lawyer. So that's got her pretty damn stressed, and with her medical issues. Now I never knew she had these problems, no one did. She never wanted to tell anyone (besides her family and doctors). She opens up to me about the medical issues and wants me to start going to the doctors with her, so of course I love this girl so I'm all over it. First doctor we go to was for her scoliosis. She has a 60 degree curve in her spine. For those of you who don't know what that is...Its basically a stretched out "S". So now I'm pretty shocked about that. Something I never knew. So now i start really noticing it. When I would rub her back I would really feel it. When she would lean over, you could actually see the turn sticking out.

But wait that's not all..Now some Scoliosis is curable. But not when it hasn't been treated in 10-15 years. Her dad didn't want to accept the fact that her angel had problems and so didn't get it fixed. Now it's to the point where her Arthritis won't allow any medical treatments to help.
Okay, so that was a good jumping point for us. It really brought us closer for the fact that she NEVER had someone to go with her and support her.
Next doctor appointment we go to was for her headaches. I find out that she has brain lesions. Some examples of brain lesions include abscesses, which are caused by infection in the brain, and arteriovenous malformations, clusters of veins which have grown abnormally. Lesions can also be caused by head injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). Cancers in the brain also classically cause brain lesions.
Okay, so now I got a lot just put on me. The girl I love, I just found out so far has scoliosis, arthritis, brain lesions, multiple sclerosis. I'm pretty freaked out wondering how this girl is even still living. Next and final doctor we go to, we find out her liver is failing...GREAT....Now she is on so much medicine that he should be able to kill a rhino. But she's got pretty immune to all of it.
Now that I've gotten though all that, we start doing some fun things. We start going camping a lot, we start fishing pretty much every day, we would go downtown and just go shopping..things were going good..
She gets a job with this guy as his assistant with a roofing company. She tells me she really loves it. She tells me how cool her boss is and so on. Well one weekend she tells me that he is going camping and wanted her to come up and hang out...First thought of mine was a little weird but whatever. We drive up with our fishing stuff and go and hang out and do some fishing.. Well when we finished fishing, we went and hung out by the fire and had a couple drinks...and her boss starts going off about how lucky he is to have her, and loves what she does for him... So now I'm a little weirded out..I can tell the look that he keeps giving her from a mile away..This is where we start having problems.
We leave there and start driving down. She asks me what I think of him...And well I give her my opinion. I tell her I can definitely tell he has a thing for you...And the response I get is...I don't know what you mean by that...common...really.

This continues for a few weeks, I get to start hearing about how cool he is, and how much she loves her job...and I start to wonder...
All of a sudden when she goes out of town to pick up her car that was in the shop for a week. Before she leaves, she keeps asking if I want to take her down there or if she should ask her dad. Now this was weird first of all because she always wanted to spend every second with me. So I keep telling her, yes I'll take you. Well day comes to go pick it up, she calls me and tells me she is just going to have her dad take her down so I don't waste gas...We kind of get into a little fight about whats going on with us.. She leaves to go down and doesn't wanna talk to me. So comes the next day I try and text her...She asks if I want to go to a concert that her boss is opening for...The band that was playing was her dads favorite band. So I tell her to take him instead because he loves them. She gets mad and just says okay. Now I'm in real trouble. After the concert I try texting her..Nothing..This goes on for a week. A week I didn't hear from her.. Finally she calls me, I get the "I think we both knew this was coming". I was completely blind sided..
My whole life was getting flushed down the drain. At first I was a little pissed off like anyone else would be. She starts telling me things like, I just need some space and time to think.. So I ask if its her boss...If shes got a thing for him, I keep getting the "No, it is nothing like that". At first I start to believe it. This goes on for about 2 weeks of me just trying to talk things out and get her back. Until I see on her Facebook, a message from her boss..Telling her "I love you sweetheart" My heart drops. Now I can't go and tell her I saw that. So I ask her.."There really isn't anything going on with you and your boss? You don't have any feeling for him or love him or anything?" I get a simple reply of "No"... About 10 minutes later, she sends him a message back on Facebook of.."I love you too baby, your amazing".
Now I just want to die.
This goes on for about another 2 weeks. I keep pushing. When we started dating she told me that it was the biggest mistake of her life to run from me, and to promise her that I would NEVER let her run from me again. She told me she wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and that it was the first time in her life that she has ever told that to anyone. So of course I'm sticking to that promise and I fight for her. I try and I try and I finally hit a brick wall.
All of this happening to me a week before my birthday. We email each other for awhile. I set a goal for myself to be back with her before her birthday because I made plans for her and I.
Now a week before her birthday, and I've gotten no where. So I cave, I give her some of her presents. (A necklace, a picture of us 2 holding each other, her favorite candy, a card, and Jeff Dunham tickets for us that was in a month) Her last birthday present that I had to return was, I was going to take her to Mount Rushmore to purpose to her. Now I set a new goal.. To get her to take me to the show. She tells me she's gonna take her dad (I knew who she was really gonna take). Come show night I send her a message the night before making sure she's going to go, these tickets weren't so cheap and I wanted to make sure they didn't go to waste. She tells/yells at me saying, "Yes, I'm going with my dad". I just say okay, enjoy the snow. Now I have a friend that was going to the show as well and ironically has seats right next to mine. So I throw my friend a text to see who she took..... I get a message back saying "There hasn't been anyone in those seats all night". I instantly go off. I send this chick an email flipping out. It was the last straw.
About another month goes by and I start to get over the fact that I've lost my love. Now we're just emailing each other as me being be lost hoped and her not giving a damn. I get this email of her asking me "Do you think people ever find true love, or ever find true happiness".
I get to thinking, is she talking about me or him? I ask if she wanted to talk about it, and she bluntly replies, No. Now I get to thinking if she misses me. If she regrets leaving me. So I ask..."Do you still have feelings for me?" she replies, "Yes,and no". That's good news for me, that's saying there's still hope. I send her a text asking if I can see her and we can talk about somethings and work things out....I get a message back from Verizon saying this user has blocked this number. So I wonder whats up. I jump on Facebook to see whats going on...Blocked me there as well. I freak out, I finally get a glimps of hope and now I'm blocked. So I go where I know she is...Her bosses house, and call her out.
She opens the door, and instantly starts crying and asking what are you doing here. She tells me to hold on don't leave and goes back inside. 5 minutes later she comes back out....with him. All I wanted to know is what was up. We email and talk all day then 5 minutes later I'm blocked out of her life...Now I know he put her up to it. So now I'm calling her out in front of her boss at his house. As he just sits in the corner and takes it like a punk. (Side note, if someone came to my house looking for his ex...I'd kick the shit out of him) So she tells me, she wanted space and I couldn't accept that so she had to do that for her. I couldn't take it, I asked..."are you saying its over?" She replies "yes". So I turn away and walk down the drive way and say one last thing to him "Enjoy fucking each other and his old ass".
Yeah, I forgot to mention...He is 19 years older then her.
She had left me again for the third time for another guy...this time for someone old enough to be her dad.
About 5 months later, I see on her Facebook that she is "In a relationship with "this douche bag"
I sent her one last email saying that I'm glad you can finally stop lying. And that I wasn't mad that she lied to me..I was mad that I couldn't trust her anymore.
Today, its good to actually have closure to something that has been haunting me tor 8 years. I can actually say its good to be over that shit. It actually taught me a lot. Made me a different person by not dealing with "games" or drama. Its kind of nice just saying screw it to things.


  1. wow im really sorry to hear that. i mean thats just deep...

  2. Wow, that sounds like a nightmare.

  3. Can't believe what i've read. Really sorry to hear that.

  4. When I saw my suppost girl change to "In a relationship with" my heart stops.

  5. I understand how you must feel.