Thursday, November 3, 2011

Battlefield 3 vs. MW3

Which to buy? Everyone has their own opinion. Some people say Call of Duty is all the same just changes up the maps and kill streaks. Some say MW has cheesy graphics. I have played both Call of Duty games and Battlefield and will say that they both have their perks and upsets. Battlefield; in my opinion, released Battlefield 2  to soon. The graphics are awesome bit WAY to glitchy. The fact that you can actually mob around in tanks and choppers is sick. to where in MW you can be "camping in a bush" and twitch and everyone can see you move. I do not like the radar they have in COD where when you fire everyone can see you. Seems kinda cheap.
But all in all I most likely will cave and get both cause I'll hear both sides and get sick of one or the other quickly. who knows! I'm really excited about the COD though and can't wait for it. gonna be SICK! As for the new battlefield, the only perks i see are the maps are way more realistic, the firing and aiming is much better, and the choppers and atvs!


  1. I get bored of FPS games pretty quick. They both look good though

  2. I LOVE Battlefield. I personally think it's the better of the two. That being said, don't flame me. I don't bash Call of Duty because you like that game? Cool, I like Battlefield. I don't partake in the wars lol. I'm a sick chopper pilot in Battlefield and I LOVE the squad based gameplay :)

  3. I only played MW3 so far - yet my PC configuration was somewhat unlikely to be able to play it at all (all settings were on high, 40 fps, WTF).

    I'll play BF3 now. Yay, time loss...