Monday, November 28, 2011

Life of an insomniac!

When you lose your temper in your pj's, there's no dignity. I've tried everything to get some sleep, Ive tried the sleeping pills, Ive tried the nose strips. Nothing seems to really work. I did have a sleeping tablet that use to work and I could wake up feeling just fine, until they stopped making it. I found a new one that seems to put me to sleep within a couple hours but the next day I feel like straight ass. Grumpy because I had to wake up to an alarm, extremely tired still, and for some reason felt like my stomach was eating itself. So needless to say, I only take those in desperate situations when I know I need the sleep and when I know I have plenty of time to actually get some sleep in.

There are sometimes obvious triggers for insomnia, like trauma or bereavement, but the mysteries of the mind mean that scientists are a long way from identifying a common physiological factor. One we spoke to had discovered that some insomniacs suffer from a thinning of the cortex at the front of the brain – the part that senses comfort – and so signals aren't sent to the rest of the brain telling it that it's OK to switch off. Another said insomnia was caused by a malfunction in the suprachiasmatic nucleus – the "clock" in our heads that lets us know when it's time to go to sleep.

Its funny to see people that have maybe one night of bad sleep and to see how cranky, or useless they are. Imagine that EVERY night. It truly does get old, and the fact that I have to learn to be okay and accept the fact that I can't be like those people that hates the world when they have a "bad" night of sleep.

I hear college students say, 'I'll sleep when I die', and I think some people do throw away just how important sleep is because they haven't experienced sleep deprivation.

In the meantime, or when other options fail, people sometimes find that the best thing they can do is to just accept their sleep problems, move on, and learn to live with what they can get.

Whatever the cause, most experts agree that insomnia is a long-term psychological problem for which sleeping tablets provide only a short-term solution.


  1. I have periods of insomnia and it truly sucks. Laying in bed, looking at the clock waiting to fall asleep until you see the sky brightening. I really have no suggestions. It usually passes after a few days. For me, it's mostly stress related.

  2. omg i suffer from this shitty disorder to. good post

  3. Funny, I'm there right now! I feel ya bro!

  4. This is creepy, being awake every night :/

  5. That must really suck. I'm sorry for you :/