Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Woman Drivers! >:-(

Alright, so the other week I was in a wicked cool car accident. The story is, I was tying to get out on the highway turning right. There are cars to the left of me trying to turn left. Of course I drive a small ass sports car and couldn't see over a damn donkey. So this row of like 3 female drivers (go figure) decide to pull out (heading the way I want to) on the shoulder to get on the highway. So I see everyone turning so while looking all over the place to see if I can see around these big ass cars. I decide to say screw it and pull out on the highway thinking it was clear to go (all these chicks are turning why can't I?) So here I go on my way out and BLAT!!! there's a Buick doing 60mph.
So I t-bone this dude, airbags out, basically ripping my front end off my car.. Now here I sit, in the middle of the highway about to have a mess full of cars plow in me. So I brush all the damn airbag crap off me, hop our super fast, and start pushing my car back. The whole time while this LADY behind me, is just in her car flipping our screaming throwing her hands all over the place. The older man that I hit turned around to check everything out and was wicked cool about it. The police come and fist think of is....Shit! I don't have auto insurance! So my old man pulls up (ironically was only about 100 yards from his house) and throws out his insurance card and says I'm on it... Now I'm thinking, what kind of tickets is this cop gonna give me. (My last accident that the cops/3 fire trucks/4 ambulances and tow truck came, I got a hefty bill of over 20,000$... when I didn't even use anything or call them or go to the hospital or anything, that was crap) Turns out, I didn't even get a ticket. The cop told me, that she had a young son that also had a sports car and knew how much work we put into those, and told me wrecking it was payment enough. Coolest cop. Now to the car insurance she was a little sketched out because I had a old insurance card that was from Farmers Insurance, and showed that to get out of the ticket. But all and all it all worked out with her being cool about everything. But dammit why do I have so much road rage now to woman drivers....maybe its the whole phone thing, or make up, of getting dressed, or just being damn stupid... They should have to take an extra 2 years to learn to drive before being allowed!!

Next check out this wreck... It wasn't mine but still funny that the dude doesn't even go over to the flipped over car to see if their okay, just worried about his POS....He must have had a woman drivers ed teacher! LMAO