Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My husky dot dot dot

Alright, so yes I do know huskies and know that they are high maintenance. But I think I found the highest one yet! This dog loves to chew things up. Her new phase is paper and cardboard. She just started last week chewing small wires.... Which scares me because she's targeting area is my computer.. My husky mix did the same thing and chewed through 2 laptops and fried their motherboards both times... With the set up I have now I think I would lose it.

 And I'm gonna throw this out there, she has YET to take a solid crap. (I know gross but...) I've taken her to the veterinary several times about it, and every time they say oh she's fine. Just her food not agreeing with her, make her some steamed rice and she'll feel better.... Okay well not shes 5 months old and STILL hasn't... I don't think they understand that those things aren't the easiest things to pick up.
She decided to almost break her leg... I don't know what she did, just inside and I hear this horrific screaming outside from her, and she just just laying there with her leg up. So I carry her inside and look at it and move it around to see where it hurt. I couldn't find it. So I called the vet to see if I could give her some aspirin for the pain. They said it was toxic to puppies so that was out the window. So all I did was think it was sprained because I was moving it around and she didn't feel pain. I just put ice on it because of how swollen it was and she loved that. Must be the husky in her. and wrapped it up during the day so she couldn't bend it. Now she seems to be feeling just fine, still a small limp, but tying to play with my other dog, and chewing on shit again....Joy
All in all, I love this dog. I suggest anyone that's thinking about getting a husky...to do it. they are amazing dogs.


  1. I freaking love huskies. I own one myself, I just love how cheerful and playful they are. Though they're also very stubborn.

  2. I had a dog like that...would chew everything. She eventually had to go.

  3. I love huskies too, but I would have to seriously rethink it if one messed with my computer!

  4. Used to have a husky of my own. I spent countless bucks tho getting him outta the slammer!